March 2017-

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Artist Statement

This series of drawings was inspired by the arrival of my daughter, Stevie. Three years ago I experienced the profundity of childbirth, and along with the arrival of this little person appeared a bunch of….stuff. 

The objects selected captured my attention for a variety of reasons; their strangeness, nostalgia, innocence and practicality.

As Stevie grew, I began to draw characters she had interacted with, but as seen through adult eyes. With this work, I explore the idea that objects are more than physical and are inherently emotional. We are emotional creatures, and our emotions can involuntarily attach themselves to all sorts of things.

Human relationships to objects are long-running and deep; when you repeatedly touch something it can become an extension of yourself.

This work examines the mediating role of inanimate objects in the emotional life of human beings. I have become fascinated by the ways an individual personality is defined through objects and their use in the domestic space, as well as the ways in which objects are experienced by people.

Each image is offered in a run of only five prints. 

Images are archival ink printed on mulberry paper and come with hanging hardware.

A special thanks to Sarah Lawrie, Norm Campbell and the City of Sitka for partnering in this exhibition. For more information on Sarah’s collection please email

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