Welcoming local photographer, Maria Papa


JUNE 2017-

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Maria Pano

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Artist Statement

“My two years in graduate school introduced me to many forms of art and creation, yet the only time I felt like an artist is when I was producing these photographs in the darkroom. During my graduate school experience, working in the darkroom became an exploration of my new environment and how the process of becoming an art therapist shaped how I viewed my world. At the time, these images represented a process of rediscovering how to integrate my passion of photography with my desire to help others through creation. Looking at these photographs today, I recognize how the small details I captured are pieces of people and places that were significant to building my sense of self. They provide a little glimpse into memories that remind me who I am, why I chose this path in life, and who I want to become.”

About Maria

Maria Papa is an art therapist at Sitka Counseling who received her Master of Science in Art Therapy and Counseling from Eastern Virginia Medical School. She is currently under supervision to become a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Art Therapist. Initially, she went to an undergraduate program to study darkroom photography, which fostered her belief in the healing powers of the creative process. Through research and asking many questions,  she discovered a passion and career that encompassed the curative aspects of unconditional positive regard with the freedom and flow of making art.

A special thanks to Maria and Sitka Community Hospital for partnering in this exhibit. 

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